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Finish makes a difference: Gráficas Agulló Luis Agulló Castelló founded Gráficas Agulló in 1965, he began his career in Cocentaina (Alicante) and carried out activities in the field of Graphic Arts. His first facilities were a 50m2 room, and since then the company has grown steadily, which has allowed them to develop and offer new products. […]

New video company.

November 29: New video company.

Our new corporative video

Gráficas Agulló – take a look at our new installations and discover why we are the best choice in this corporative video.

Gráficas Agulló: Televised report

Gráficas Agulló participated in a well-known television programme: Te interesa @ Hoy salgo y mañana también. Enjoy the extensive report where you’ll see and discover more about the best in graphic art.

Gráficas Agulló: launches new website

Today on 12th July 2012, Gráficas Agulló presents their new and modern webpage 2.0. Keen to adapt to the modern world, Gráficas Agulló has reinvented itself.  Not only is the new website being launched, but we now also appear on the social networks facebook and twitter.  With our eagerness to reach everyone in our globalised […]

Hartmann Gallery – Newsletter for the graphics sector no. 40

Gráficas Agulló, remaining loyal to a brand, appears in the magazine Hartmann: Heidelberg.