Commitment to the environment

“Sustainable printing”

In Gráficas Agulló we are highly committed to the environment and always bearing in mind the current concern about climate change. For this reason, our company is actively working to replace all polluting products with others that are less harmful to the environment.

Among all the sustainability processes we carry out, we are recycling most of the cardboard and plastic that we do not use for our packaging. In addition, all the waste generated by our company is recycled and managed by an authorized company, thus ensuring our total commitment to the environment.

Currently, sustainability is key to the development of new products in all sectors and markets. At Gráficas Agulló we are committed to reducing the amount of waste we generate on a daily basis and also to making our work processes much more environmentally friendly. Because of this, we manufacture ecological and sustainable packaging through the circular economy:

We optimize work processes, recycle and use ecologically certified materials that have a much lower impact on the environment. We also take care to facilitate, as far as possible, the transportation, logistics and recycling processing of all materials used.

Specialists in ecological packaging and custom-made packaging.

In Gráficas Agulló we manufacture all kinds of customized and personalized packaging . We take care of the development and production of plastic packaging, cardboard and / or any other material that the customer requires.

Each sector and market requires specific working needs and a packaging adapted to those specifications. We offer solutions adapted to all types of products and markets: food, cosmetics, textile, technology

In Gráficas Agulló, in addition to our total commitment to the environment, we also offer our customers our long experience in the sector and the highest quality in all our work.